Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Glimpse at Bar Exam Life

No one really knows what the bar exam is, what it tests, or why it's required to become a lawyer, but this site pretty much sums up the anger that every law student feels at one point or another. It's especially true when bar examiners think they're extra witty, when in actuality, they're killing lives...and humor for 3 months.

So this posting is dedicated to Defaultina, who most likely will cause some poor soul to fail the bar. What a betch.

Blogging...about thangs

This is a blog about....thangs. We are two 20-somethings, who just finished three years of bliss (read: hell) of law school, and are about a week away from taking our respective bar exams. We want to make it obvious to the world that this is the opposite of what we should be doing right now.

We're hilarious people (read: extremely hilarious), and love all things pop culture, politics, news worthy, and yes, maybe some law (not really). We'll blog about what is going on, as we embark on our post law school lives, one of us in NYC, the other in DC.