Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F-It List!

On this blog, Brian and I have both made our own "Bucket Lists," cataloging the things we are determined to do before we die. Well, since we made those lists, America has plummeted into A Great Recession/Depression, The Bachelor pulled the D-Bag move of the century (loser), and there hasn't been an episode of Gossip Girl in like 6 weeks... what is happening in the world?

So it's time to make a different list. The F-it List! A list of the of things we just don't care about doing. I once thought I had to do these things, that they were somehow important to life. I've changed my mind. Here are some of mine...

1. Learn how to ride a horse.

2. Be a person who loves sunsets/sunrises. (I hate when people talk about either one of these things. Lame, right?! Combine this with #1.... my nightmare.)

3. Learn CPR. (Dangerous? Maybe. We'll see.)

4. Go on a mission for God. (I use to think I would do in my adult life what most high school church youth groups did. No thanks.)

5. Try hard drugs. (I saw the movie Blow in high school and thought... yes! Hopefully this change of heart will save me after God sees #4.)

6. Become knowledgeable about wines. (In fact, I am determined not to learn anything about wine/wine culture. If I ever take that trip to Napa Valley, I refuse to learn anything.)

7. See all the Oscar movies in a given year. (The only movies I saw that were nominated for any Oscars this year were The Dark Knight (three months later than the rest of the world) and Doubt (and that was not my choice, however, it totally got robbed in all categories). That being said, I don't regret any of my movie choices this year. Deal with it, Benjamin Button.)

8. Get a tattoo. (Only because I know I'll never be able to decide what to get.)

9. Be able to perform a tumbling pass. (This is both a physical impossibility and just not worth it.)

10. Support a professional sports team.

After all of those things that I don't care about doing. I want to add 1 thing to my bucket list...
1. Coach a team. (Just trying to keep this posting KIPMIF!)