Saturday, December 27, 2008

How Much Is That Vice President in the Window?

Just poking around the Internet while with the family over the holidays, and stumbled across this gem of a fact: Joe Biden can't pick out a puppy. Evidently, his teacher wife (whose reward is in heaven, remember (best link I could find - I totally loved the statement, link notwithstanding)) promised him a puppy if they won the election. I guess puppies were all the rage with the Obama/Biden campaign. Those spoiled Obama kids got one, too. But at least they are going through the trouble of picking one out on their own and from a shelter no less. Biden relied on a police officer to find the kennel and pick to the puppy. All Biden had to do was write a check. It begs the question: did he have Paris Hilton help him out?

That's not even the worst part of the story. The Bidens are having a police officer house train the damn thing. How do you expect to deal with an international crisis if you can't be bothered to pooper scoop when your puppy has an accident on the kitchen floor?

I guess Biden does have an out. The puppy is as cute as they come. And the name isn't half bad either.