Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Closer to Our Shared Goal

It's no secret that the ultimate dream of ours is to meet Tina Fey in person. One of the main reasons I moved to New York in the first place was to get closer to realizing that dream. Kate had already plotted where 30 Rock's studio is located and several I Love Lucy-like plots to meet Tina.

Well, last night, my friends, I got us one step closer. I made my first venture to the West Side in what se
emed like weeks (and for those who live on the opposite of Manhattan, it seriously is the hardest thing to do - it's also like a foreign country - not as bad as Little Chechnya, but you get the point) and made it to the Stand Up New York comedy club. It was one of those places where you had a 2 drink minimum, but I didn't mind: I was more intrigued by the menu, which said that as NYC's premier stand up club, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock (and two of three other people I guess I was supposed to know) may show up at any moment. Well, we were not disappointed. The second act of the night was none other than Judah Friedlander who plays Frank on 30 Rock. I don't remember much of his act, but he appeared to be exactly like his character on TV, goofy trucker hats and all. And best of all, the picture on his official website is exactly what he was wearing last night.

Compare the website on left, last night on right (don't worry - it's the same):

Moral of the story: Look out Liz Lemon!