Monday, April 20, 2009

Everybody Calm Down! UPDATED

As a Republican, I've been called things that even Rosie O'Donnell would find inappropriate. I respect other people's opinions, and hope that they would return the favor. Which is why I despise responses such as Perez Hilton's in the current Miss USA overblown gay marriage saga.

First, Miss California's response to the question:

Perez's crazy response to that:

Announcing a position held by a majority of people in this country (or at least close to it) is divisive, but calling someone a "stupid b@tch" isn't? Oy.

Which brings me to the appropriate 30 Rock quote:

Tracy: I got to do something important so my children will respect me. Like be a Senator, or a wizard.

Dot Com: Or you can open a school in Africa like Oprah.

Tracy: Everyone calm down!

Update: Evidently, he's taking back his "apology" and would have rather used the "c-word." Mmm Mmm Classy.