Thursday, August 7, 2008

How old do I look? Really.

"I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"

So while attending the Jenny Youngs/Aaron Fleck wedding extravaganza last weekend I broke one of my cardinal rules of weddings... I danced with a child. (NB: I don't have anything against children. In fact, I love children--they are the future. But they don't belong at weddings. Don't belong in them awkwardly throwing rose petals. Don't belong at the reception dominating the dance floor, which, in my opinion, should be reserved for adults dancing to "Shout" and drinking/spilling wine.)

So there I am dancing with a cute as can be 5 year old, and this 25 year old guy (the brother of a girl I went to college with) looks at me and the boy and says, "Is this your son?" What the heck? Either I look like the kind of girl who got knocked up at age 20 (and this is all kinds of bad, because I did not think I was dressed like a 'mom,' even a young/cool mom, and especially not a Jamie Lynn Spears style mom) or he thought I was older than my (and his) 25 years. I was beyond offended.

On the other hand, I went to see Pineapple Express with my friend Kelly yesterday. (It is hilarious. See it, and wait for the line "Where should we go?! A hotel? Motel? Holiday Inn?" During the previews Kelly and I had a heated debate over who deserves/should get James Franco--she won. Congratulations, Kelly. If we ever meet James Franco, you've got dibs.)

Pineapple Express is rated R, which means you have to be 17 to see the movie. Rest assure that the AMC 24 in Edmond, Oklahoma is strictly enforcing this standard. Because when I went up to the ticket counter and asked for a ticket to Pineapple Express, the young man taking tickets, who I thought looked about 17, asked me for an ID. What? So I asked him, "What kind of ID?" As in, I don't have a student ID or a movie watchers card. The youngster taking tickets wanted to see, "Ya know, like a driver's license will be fine." Take that guy who asked me if I had a 5 year old kid.