Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Sorry. I Called This Months Ago

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for finally getting inside my mind. I called this Keira Knightley addiction to period dramas about three to four months ago as The Duchess was being released. I remember distinctly telling Matt how fed up I was over her decision, time and again, to play the same role in the same movie. And every time the commercial played, I repeated my frustration. Clearly the girl is a gifted actress, why not expand the playing field?

I get that she loves period pieces because she likes "the fact that you can completely dive in to a total fantasy — because it’s total escapism." How about escaping from costumes five times bigger than your body and wigs topped with baby powder (or at least that's how they did it in high school. I assume Hollywood has slightly more advanced wigs)? Get a grip/career.