Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Only in My Christmas Themed Dreams

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Why do I have a feeling that Kate and I have done or will do this dance in the near future?

The Ten Most Fascinating People Today. Part II

I'm not trying to compete with Kate's list or posting, because it would be futile. Hers was amazing. I only try to mimic.

10. Dustin Pedoria. AL MVP 2008. Rookie of the Year 2007. He is consistently referred to as being "generously" listed at 5'9" (some claim 5'7") and 180 pounds, but the second baseman from the Red Sox managed to do more in a that short frame than most baseball players do with steroids. Props to short, determined people!

9. Beyonce. She's pulled off the Sasha Fierce alter ego thing with much more pizazz and success than Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines disaster. She has just notched her 5th #1 single. Her role as Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records is getting rave reviews (including one from the New York Times' A.O. Scott, who Matt claims "can be pretty snarky at times," calling her "downright revelatory"and "volcanic and voluptuous").

8. Joe the Plumber. Come on. This guy asks one question as he's standing in front of his home, and nearly redefined the entire election. How could he not be fascinating? A down-to-earth, Joe Sixpack who's shot to fame landed some people in hot water (and soon to be prison?). I hope he stays true to his word to run for Congress in the future. It'd be nice to have some regular folks in D.C. for a change (since I can no longer hold down the fort there).
7. Jennifer Esposito/Melissa McCarthy/Becki Newton. The three scene stealers from Samantha Who? and Ugly Betty. After deciding to give Ugly Betty a shot this year (simply because waiting til 9pm to watch Thursday night TV seemed pointless), I have fallen in love with Ms. Newton's Amanda. Same goes for the two bff's from Samantha Who? who round out the perfect cast (seriously, folks at ABC, you did well). I literally turn giddy in anticipation of their appearance on screen (ok, that happens a lot when I know Kate is coming (or any Hollywood star for that matter)), but hopefully you catch my drift. Emmy's, take notice!

6. Lindsay Lohan. I started this one with my roommate from senior year, Jess. We loved her. She was sweet, and a promising and rising Hollywood star. Then, reality hit, and now she's a former (but still) drunken, bisexual (?) mess. I thought she was going to get it together with Georgia Rule (hopeless, I know. Jane Fonda as a career rescuer? Please). Her recent guest appearances on Ugly Betty were great, and reports about her new romantic comedy have been promising. Here's hoping she won't be on my list for next year.

5. The Readers of This Blog About Thangs. I can probably count them on one hand, perhaps two. You keep us going. You motivate us. You give us the will to be witty. Keep it up.

4. The troops.

3. Kristen Wiig. After the departure of Tina Fey (heck, after Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, and Anna Gasteyer left), SNL was pretty much DOA. Who watched it? Not this one. But this gem of a comic has me at least searching out clips on Hulu and selecting "record series" on the DVR. It seems a bit much that she's in literally every skit every week, so I hope she doesn't wear herself out since the other cast members haven't been up to par (sorry, Keenan) (and this pic is my face 50% of the day).

2. Tina Turner. She's 69. 69. If I'm half as mobile as Tina Turner when I'm that age, I'll be the luckiest guy in the world. I just signed up for my first gym membership ever, and she's on a concert tour attracting millions of fans and singing and dancing for 3 hours. I was out of breath walking the escalators to see her show on December 1 (which was freaking amazing. Almost lost my voice towards the end. I will post pictures of her during the encore, extending out over the audience (which included Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Anne Hathaway), and then she would dance up and down the narrow walkway. A-mazing), and she climbed scaffolding dressed in a full-out Mad Max costume. Enough said. 69.

1. When you write and then act out lines that include: "I once watched a blind guy eat spaghetti and laughed. I pee in the shower sometimes if I'm really tired. And I saw my grandparents making love once and didn't leave right away" there's nothing more to be said. Tina Fey, like Kate, somehow has access to my mind. And I love watching myself on screen every week.