Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's a Bar Crawl for Everything These Days

I love bar crawls (correction: I love any group oriented social drinking activity). But it's especially fun donning a specific color, costume, or t-shirt and drinking your head off around a city.
I recently participated in the World's Largest Bar Crawl in honor of St. Patrick's day (please take a look at the many trashy pictures on this site), and while it was crowded and slightly cold, I had a blast drinking with thousands of other history seekers. The point of that bar crawl was to have at least one drink at a minimum of 10 bars and have a bartender sign off on a card they provided to you at the beginning of the crawl. We, of course, took this quite seriously. Along with four other friends, we championed ourselves to 13 different bars, surpassing the minimum, and obtaining 4 completed bar crawl cards with ten different bars listed in the process.

We felt like we were part of something special, something greater than ourselves. We were wrong. When we dropped off our completed cards the next day, this is how it went down:

Bartender: You guys here for the crawl?
Me/Matt: No, we did it yesterday. We wanted to drop off our cards.
Bartender: Oh, you guys actually did that? You made it to ten bars?
Me/Matt: I think we actually made it to like 13.
Bartender: Wow, we like usually never get any of these cards back.

I felt touched.

Maybe this is the type of bar crawl I need to be a part of. I feel like these people might appreciate community drinking in large quantities. That's the camaraderie I was looking for.