Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Sure This Is Helping...

Like Kate lambasted fatty Maureen Dowd for making a huge issue out of Tina Fey's former frumpiness in high school, our esteemed President has taken it one step further and denounced Jessica Simpson's recent weight struggle (or ill-advised jean purchase) when interviewed by Matt Lauer.

As if Jessica Simpson didn't have enough to worry about in the press (The Soup and The Dish did great reviews of the press coverage over the last week), now our President has to get a few laughs in at her expense? Better hope his kids don't gain the freshmen fifteen down the road. Dad will be none too pleased.

The Soup recaps:

The President disses:

LAUER: And here’s a great picture —
OBAMA: Oh, it’s beautiful.
LAUER: — of — of you and — and Michelle and — and your daughters. Now, the — the reason I bring this up I think is funny. It’s a great picture.
OBAMA: Yeah.
LAUER: But I wanna show you the cover. Look what they did. They — they took you off the cover.
OBAMA: Yeah.
LAUER: They took you out of it.
OBAMA: It — it’s — it’s a little hurtful.
LAUER: You got replaced by Jessica Simpson.
OBAMA: Yeah, who’s losing a weight battle apparently. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. Oh, well.