Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Scene from 30 Rock All Season

I literally had to stop laughing to prevent from passing out last night watching the final scene from 30 Rock. If this doesn't convince people that this is without a doubt the best show on TV, I don't know what else I can do.

And, also, the following people suck: Margaret Lyons (wasn't as funny as past episodes, really? (okay, you only sort of suck)), Kevin D. Thompson (douchey line from the get go: "You know a 30 Rock episode is in trouble when Adam West – yes, that Adam West! – is the show’s highlight."), Rohin Guha (douchey line, second paragraph: "What was once a character-driven comedy accented with witty jokes is now a shadow of its former self, running on an engine of cheap shots and caricatures.").

There are more out there. I will find you.

New York is Back!

I'm not sure if Kate is on board with Tiffany Pollard, a/k/a New York, from Flavor of Love fame. Anyone who knows me understands that I adore her, and each of her six (if I counted right) reality shows for Vh1. Her most recent, New York Goes to Hollywood, was blogged about here.

Well, she's back, and couldn't have picked a better concept. Viewers get to pick a job each week that New York will try out. Amazing. The only way the concept could be better was if law school or attorney would appear as a possibility.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So This Made a Brief Comeback

Remember Brittany Murphy? Sure you do. Where has she been these past few years? Not a clue.

Anyway, Monday night, Amy was introduced to a new group of people. When asked what celebrity she is often mistaken for, she said Murphy. I thought, and eventually said out loud, Amy Sedaris, which immediately drew some odd faces. Sorry, I think she's adorable, much like our own Amy.

More to the point - somehow Brittany Murphy's infamous line from "Don't Say A Word" made a brief, drunken comeback: "I'll never tell."

Cool story Jeopardy teen, I know.

But now, for your viewing pleasure (you can skip to 2:14, and ignore most of Mr. Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Update: My F-it list is coming soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving this fish!

I thought this was extremely annoying at first, but now I can't seem to get enough of the talking wall fish. I remember when those things were big back in the late 90s, and I'm so glad that McDonald's decided to bring back those fond memories. Getting me to buy a Filet-o-fish, however, still not likely.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 St Patrick's Day videos!

I love both these videos...

"Who all seen the leprechaun, say yeah!!" Classic.

Also... anyone remember the movie "Leprechaun"??? Starring Jennifer Aniston? I saw that movie when I was about 10, even though I was way too young and semi scarred for life (thanks for the good parenting, Mom and Dad.). I won't put any of the movie clips up, just in case anyone else out there was similarly scarred. But here is Wayne's much more PG take on the Leprechaun's catch phrase.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F-It List!

On this blog, Brian and I have both made our own "Bucket Lists," cataloging the things we are determined to do before we die. Well, since we made those lists, America has plummeted into A Great Recession/Depression, The Bachelor pulled the D-Bag move of the century (loser), and there hasn't been an episode of Gossip Girl in like 6 weeks... what is happening in the world?

So it's time to make a different list. The F-it List! A list of the of things we just don't care about doing. I once thought I had to do these things, that they were somehow important to life. I've changed my mind. Here are some of mine...

1. Learn how to ride a horse.

2. Be a person who loves sunsets/sunrises. (I hate when people talk about either one of these things. Lame, right?! Combine this with #1.... my nightmare.)

3. Learn CPR. (Dangerous? Maybe. We'll see.)

4. Go on a mission for God. (I use to think I would do in my adult life what most high school church youth groups did. No thanks.)

5. Try hard drugs. (I saw the movie Blow in high school and thought... yes! Hopefully this change of heart will save me after God sees #4.)

6. Become knowledgeable about wines. (In fact, I am determined not to learn anything about wine/wine culture. If I ever take that trip to Napa Valley, I refuse to learn anything.)

7. See all the Oscar movies in a given year. (The only movies I saw that were nominated for any Oscars this year were The Dark Knight (three months later than the rest of the world) and Doubt (and that was not my choice, however, it totally got robbed in all categories). That being said, I don't regret any of my movie choices this year. Deal with it, Benjamin Button.)

8. Get a tattoo. (Only because I know I'll never be able to decide what to get.)

9. Be able to perform a tumbling pass. (This is both a physical impossibility and just not worth it.)

10. Support a professional sports team.

After all of those things that I don't care about doing. I want to add 1 thing to my bucket list...
1. Coach a team. (Just trying to keep this posting KIPMIF!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Am I The Only One Who Knows This?

Tonight's American Idol features Von Smith as the first singer of the final group of 12. This is the same Von Smith who tore it up (not in a good way) on The View during the Rosie O'Donnell days (remember those swell days?) when he performed "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going." (And yes, that's him on The View above. They put his name in lights. I have a doctorate. He butchered a song on national TV. Where's the justice?).

If the judges saw that performance, or the viewers, he wouldn't be on tonight's show. WTF media? Pick this story up!

Von on The View: