Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Scene from 30 Rock All Season

I literally had to stop laughing to prevent from passing out last night watching the final scene from 30 Rock. If this doesn't convince people that this is without a doubt the best show on TV, I don't know what else I can do.

And, also, the following people suck: Margaret Lyons (wasn't as funny as past episodes, really? (okay, you only sort of suck)), Kevin D. Thompson (douchey line from the get go: "You know a 30 Rock episode is in trouble when Adam West – yes, that Adam West! – is the show’s highlight."), Rohin Guha (douchey line, second paragraph: "What was once a character-driven comedy accented with witty jokes is now a shadow of its former self, running on an engine of cheap shots and caricatures.").

There are more out there. I will find you.

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Kate said...

YES! YES! A Thousand times Yes!! (also, Kenneth seeing everyone in Muppet form... amazing!) I didn't think Merkins of Hope could be topped... now I know I was wrong! :)