Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So This Made a Brief Comeback

Remember Brittany Murphy? Sure you do. Where has she been these past few years? Not a clue.

Anyway, Monday night, Amy was introduced to a new group of people. When asked what celebrity she is often mistaken for, she said Murphy. I thought, and eventually said out loud, Amy Sedaris, which immediately drew some odd faces. Sorry, I think she's adorable, much like our own Amy.

More to the point - somehow Brittany Murphy's infamous line from "Don't Say A Word" made a brief, drunken comeback: "I'll never tell."

Cool story Jeopardy teen, I know.

But now, for your viewing pleasure (you can skip to 2:14, and ignore most of Mr. Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Update: My F-it list is coming soon!


duderone said...


Kate said...

Hahahaha! I love this post!

Guess what celebrity I get compared to.... done guessing? Megan Mullally. She is fifty. Burn? (I'm 50! Ba-dang!)

Brian, your TWIN is that chump on a blog about things who denied my internet friendship. But who is your celebrity twin???