Monday, April 20, 2009

Everybody Calm Down! UPDATED

As a Republican, I've been called things that even Rosie O'Donnell would find inappropriate. I respect other people's opinions, and hope that they would return the favor. Which is why I despise responses such as Perez Hilton's in the current Miss USA overblown gay marriage saga.

First, Miss California's response to the question:

Perez's crazy response to that:

Announcing a position held by a majority of people in this country (or at least close to it) is divisive, but calling someone a "stupid b@tch" isn't? Oy.

Which brings me to the appropriate 30 Rock quote:

Tracy: I got to do something important so my children will respect me. Like be a Senator, or a wizard.

Dot Com: Or you can open a school in Africa like Oprah.

Tracy: Everyone calm down!

Update: Evidently, he's taking back his "apology" and would have rather used the "c-word." Mmm Mmm Classy.


Kate said...

Thank you, mind reader!!! I had to stop reading Perez Hilton around New Years because I finally realized he was polluting my brain. He made me HATE Avril Lavigne and Jessica Simpson, when before I had no opinion and was pumped when Sk8er Boi would come on the radio.

On this issue though, he is the worst!! He is truly the worst spokesperson for gay rights. Every time he brings it up, it's 5 steps back for his own cause. Can someone stop him? Some powerful gay alliance perhaps? Ellen? Neil Patrick Harris? If anyone can help, it's those two.

Also, and there may be a future blog post about this... he needs to leave kids alone on his website. He is constantly going after Miley Cyrus, who is 16. I will have to do some research, but I'm fairly certain it is illegal and a form of cyber bullying to call a child a "slut" and the other disgusting names he calls her. UGH. The worst!

I'm so glad I had the blog comments to vent out these frustrations.

Brian said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I'm going to remove him from the blogroll. Suggestions on new celeb gossip blogs?

Also, I'll forgive him when he calls Hilary or Barack a stupid b@tch.

Kate said...

OMBLOG! Also, I saw my friend Jamie this weekend, and she reads the blog... she said she forwarded the post about baby-snuggies around! That's right. The blog was forwarded! Good call on the baby snuggie, Brian. I have a bunch of pregnant friends right now, and I think I have to wait for just the right person to be the recipient of that monstrosity.