Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maybe We Helped?

I don't know the extent of the influence of "Thangs" but I'm assuming our multi-part series on Perez Hilton may have caused this:

Hilton's snarky comments, insinuating that the King of Pop was faking his ailment, was too much for Jackson fans, especially after losing him moments later. The post, which has since been deleted, caused Hilton's more than 1.8 million followers Thursday to dwindle down to 1.1 million as of Tuesday night.


duderone said...

Yo! Your last comment was July 1st. I'm not one to talk, but I need another blogpost PEOPLE!

duderone said...

I said comment, I meant POST. PEOPLE!

Brian said...

We really do need to do better. Fall TV season right around the corner. Most posts soon!